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The Art of Caulking

Posted by Chrysalis Spud on May 3, 2008

I’ve been seriously into the home improvement thing of late. Today I learned to caulk. And I’m a pretty decent caulker!

I knew I needed to caulk, and I knew I felt very insecure about my ability to caulk; after all, I’ve seen so many bad caulk jobs. And I’ve seen some good ones. (Does everyone notice this type of stuff, or just me? It’s just that bad caulk jobs scream out their presence, and good caulk jobs are such a relief in comparison.)

So, I took the obvious next step and Googled “how to caulk” and ended up at About.com’s “Caulk Like a Professional.” The advice about using painter’s tape … it works. My caulk job looked right respectable.

I’m not a very “handy” type around the house. But when there’s a Web, there’s a way.


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I’m Still Here

Posted by Chrysalis Spud on May 2, 2008

Work took over my life. I hope to start blogging again before too long.

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Long Time No Write

Posted by Chrysalis Spud on March 12, 2008

I had to leave town for a funeral last weekend and have been overwhelmed with work ever since I got back. I’ll post more soon.

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Posted by Chrysalis Spud on March 1, 2008

I wasn’t happy with the tone of my blog, so I deleted the three entries I’d made and started over. I absolutely didn’t think about the fact that I would end up deleting the comments as well.

So, to Lance, my apologies. Lance was trying to start a dialogue and I inadvertently wiped it out with the click of a “Delete” button.

I will follow up on his questions in the coming week. I’m sorry, Lance!

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Posting Again

Posted by Chrysalis Spud on February 29, 2008

My job has been very busy, and I’ve had to go out of town a couple of times since starting this blog last week. I’ve done a lot of thinking and reading lately. I want this blog to be something that can be helpful and meaningful, not just for me, but for those who read it. Last night I was finishing up the book of Proverbs and read the familiar verse, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” It made me think of how dull I’ve become of late. I listen to podcasts* of debates, I read*, I write … but I don’t interact with people very much. I don’t do much iron-sharpening. I live in the Bible Belt, and there don’t seem to be many people who really want to wrestle with the hard questions of religion and faith. The standard answers are generally something like “The Bobble says it, so I believe it.” End of story. And in many cases, their lives don’t necessarily reflect such a belief. Not that I expect Christians to be perfect or anything … but it somehow makes it harder.

I am ever seeking truth, and I hope this blog will, in some small way, help me and any others who are interested as I travel down this road.

 *Some of the blogs and podcasts I’ve discovered lately are listed in my blogroll.

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