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The Art of Caulking

Posted by Chrysalis Spud on May 3, 2008

I’ve been seriously into the home improvement thing of late. Today I learned to caulk. And I’m a pretty decent caulker!

I knew I needed to caulk, and I knew I felt very insecure about my ability to caulk; after all, I’ve seen so many bad caulk jobs. And I’ve seen some good ones. (Does everyone notice this type of stuff, or just me? It’s just that bad caulk jobs scream out their presence, and good caulk jobs are such a relief in comparison.)

So, I took the obvious next step and Googled “how to caulk” and ended up at About.com’s “Caulk Like a Professional.” The advice about using painter’s tape … it works. My caulk job looked right respectable.

I’m not a very “handy” type around the house. But when there’s a Web, there’s a way.


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